The Secret Garden

Come see the stage adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic children’s novel.

September 13-15 (7 pm) and September 16 (2 pm)
Willard School Auditorium (707 N. Centennial)

$12 general admission
$8 seniors, students, children under the age of 12

Tickets available at Beard’s Decorating Center or at the door.


In Colonial India:
Mary Lennox – Michaella Valkenaar
Ayah – Ana Luz Zerpa-Pita
Rose Lennnox – Susan Shipp
Colonel John Lennox – Patrick Shipp
English Officer – Lt. Morris – Mark Willis
English Officer – Sgt. Cobbs – Ian Crifo

Yorkshire Train Station:
Eight Contrary Children
Ana Pultz
Carson Allen
Franny Fields
Hannah Valkenaar
Meg Howard
Lily Murphy
Maslyn Allen
Noah Valkenaar
Mrs. Medlock – Katherine Feiner

Misselthwaite Manor:
Martha Sowerby – Sarah Johnson
Colin Craven – Colby Bratton
Dickon Sowerby – Noah Shipp
Archibald Craven – Nick Burg
Lily Craven -Rebecca Emlund
Alice, a servant girl – Faith Miller
Susan Sowerby – Karen Johnson

Enchanted Garden:
Rose Tree Gnome – Mikaela Schulueter


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Our American Cousin

One day only! FREE!! Tickets must be obtained at box office prior to admission.

As part of the sesquicentennial commemoration of the Battle of Kirksville, some see the play President Lincoln was watching on the fateful night of his assassination.

August 5th, 3:30 pm
James G. Severns Theater
Ophelia Parrish Building
Truman State University

A joint production of Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department, Truman State University Theater Department and Curtain Call Theater Company.

Cast (in order of appearance):

The Nightwatchman-Ron Rybkowski
Peanuts John, John Wickens- Michael Essmyer
Prompter, Lt. Vernon-Eric Patterson
Laura Keene-Gina Rybkowski
Mr. Emerson/Lord Dundreary-Alan Altmansberger
Skillet-Heather Darrah
Buddicombe-Jaren Hafen
Mr. . Binny-Logan Smith
Florence Trenchard-Talia Linneman
Sir Edward Trenchard-Cy Allemang
Mrs. Mountchessigton -LaRoyce Allemang
Augusta-Dawn Howd
Georgina-Mia Capuano
Asa Trenchard-Ryan Clark
Mr. Coyle-Phil McIntosh
Abel Murcott-Dan McGurk
Mary Meredith-Jenny Clark

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Cast List for “The Secret Garden”

Congratulations, and thanks to all who auditioned!


Mary Lennox – Michaella Valkenaar
Ayah – Ana Luz Zerpa-Pita
John Lennox – Patrick Shipp
Rose Lennox – Susan Shipp
Lieutenant Morris – Mark Willis
Sergeant Cobbs – Ian Crifo
Mrs. Medlock – Katherine Feiner
Contrary Children
Fanny Fields
Ana Pultz
Lily Murphy
Meg Howard
Faith Miller
Noah Valkenaar
Hanna Valkenaar
Carlson Allen
Maslyn Allen
Faith Miller
Mrs. Medlock – Katherine Feiner
Martha – Sarah Johnson
Colin – Colby Bratton
Rose Tree Gnome – Mikaela Schlueter
Dickon – Noah Shipp
Archibald Craven – Nick Burg
Alice – Nell Davis
Mrs. Sowerby – Karen Johnson
Lily Craven – Rebecca Emlund

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